Luigi Bosca Finca La Linda 2012

Malbec wines tend to be a hit or a miss, especially when they are on the lower price bracket. The Luigi Bosca Finca La Linda 2012 Malbec may not be the best option for new wine drinkers or for drinking more than a few glasses, but it is definitely a hit. This 750 mL bottle ranges from $9-$15 depending on where you shop. For the price the wine is rich, smooth and overall an excellent buy.luigi-bosca-finca-la-linda-malbec-vistalba-argentina-10406233

The Luigi Bosca Finca La Linda malbec from Argentina is oaky and buttery with a┬ácampfire, marshmallow feel to it. The acidity isn’t too prevalent, but definitely plays with your tastebuds a little. The finish tastes of blackberries and autumn. Overall a very smooth wine.

I recommend this wine with rich red meats or chicken. Tastes excellent with lamb and mint. Also with nutella on ice cream…with a cookie…I might have tried that last part a couple times.


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