Fatty Pope Wine Review

I picked up the Fatty Pope wine because the name was funny and I was having the “sunday scaries” on a Monday. The wine pours light with an aroma that instantly whisps you to oak barrels stacked in a cellar. It smells like wooden barrels aged in blueberry vodka – but not as scary as it sounds! It is enticing and made me want to pour the bottle at once! Warm, but crisp, blueberry scent with a wooden touch.

Then, the sip. Electrifying. Light and crisp for a cabernet that has hints of nutmeg and blackberries. The finish tastes something like sausage on buttery toast. (The buttery toast may have come from the amazing cheese I paired with it). Don’t hold the wine too long in your mouth, the potent fir tree scent that is amazing for a short sip gets a little overwhelming with a long sip.

I thought I was going nuts with all of these odd flavors in one glass, but what can I say? I thought this wine, for only $16, was going to be another “Wednesday wine” that you sip without tasting much. I was pleasantly surprised.


Pair Fatty Pope Wine With…

The book The Ghost Notebooks and a simple, dense cheese. I went with Capricho de Cabra Mitica (review forthcoming, think Chevre with a peachy tone).

What’s the result? 8/10.

You’ll be happy with this wine! It makes a great host gift and is inexpensive to pick up for movie night at a friend’s.


Luigi Bosca Finca La Linda 2012

Malbec wines tend to be a hit or a miss, especially when they are on the lower price bracket. The Luigi Bosca Finca La Linda 2012 Malbec may not be the best option for new wine drinkers or for drinking more than a few glasses, but it is definitely a hit. This 750 mL bottle ranges from $9-$15 depending on where you shop. For the price the wine is rich, smooth and overall an excellent buy.luigi-bosca-finca-la-linda-malbec-vistalba-argentina-10406233

The Luigi Bosca Finca La Linda malbec from Argentina is oaky and buttery with a campfire, marshmallow feel to it. The acidity isn’t too prevalent, but definitely plays with your tastebuds a little. The finish tastes of blackberries and autumn. Overall a very smooth wine.

I recommend this wine with rich red meats or chicken. Tastes excellent with lamb and mint. Also with nutella on ice cream…with a cookie…I might have tried that last part a couple times.

Stella Montepulciano D’abruzzo 2011

If you are at all like me and have a glass of wine every night, sometimes you want something easy on the wallet. This Stella Montepulciano D’abruzzo 2011 750ml Italy Abruzzi is roughly $7 and certainly passes the wallet test.Stella Montepulciano D'abruzzo

Stella Montepulciano D’abruzzo smells very alcohol-ish with a deep inhale. Maybe I was just too excited to smell it, because when I tried again it smelt a bit like apples. It tastes a bit sharp on the back of the tongue, definitely a quick drink wine. However the wine does have a hint of nutmeg and, I’m not sure how I came up with this but it is in my notes, mascarpone taste.

I recommend this wine for a group of inexperienced wine drinkers, or for a family occasion. Any event where people will be drinking the wine, not sipping it…this is one where you won’t be getting any wine tears or pleasant after tastes. Please for the sake of good wines, don’t attempt to pair this with meats and cheeses.