Fatty Pope Wine Review

I picked up the Fatty Pope wine because the name was funny and I was having the “sunday scaries” on a Monday. The wine pours light with an aroma that instantly whisps you to oak barrels stacked in a cellar. It smells like wooden barrels aged in blueberry vodka – but not as scary as it sounds! It is enticing and made me want to pour the bottle at once! Warm, but crisp, blueberry scent with a wooden touch.

Then, the sip. Electrifying. Light and crisp for a cabernet that has hints of nutmeg and blackberries. The finish tastes something like sausage on buttery toast. (The buttery toast may have come from the amazing cheese I paired with it). Don’t hold the wine too long in your mouth, the potent fir tree scent that is amazing for a short sip gets a little overwhelming with a long sip.

I thought I was going nuts with all of these odd flavors in one glass, but what can I say? I thought this wine, for only $16, was going to be another “Wednesday wine” that you sip without tasting much. I was pleasantly surprised.


Pair Fatty Pope Wine With…

The book The Ghost Notebooks and a simple, dense cheese. I went with Capricho de Cabra Mitica (review forthcoming, think Chevre with a peachy tone).

What’s the result? 8/10.

You’ll be happy with this wine! It makes a great host gift and is inexpensive to pick up for movie night at a friend’s.